Substance Abuse Control

It is the policy of PRO RIDE LTD to recognize and assist any employee in dealing with substance abuse (alcohol, illicit drugs and prescription drugs). PRO RIDE recognizes the inherent dangers to other workers who have to work with a worker who is impaired through substance abuse, as well as the personal problems associated with the substance abuser.

Any worker suspected of being impaired will not be allowed to continue working. The site supervisor will discuss the situation with the human resources director and site foreman if a sub-contractors’ worker is involved. If the employee is deemed unfit for work, the employee will be taken home.

The Substance Abuse Control Policy applies to all of PRO RIDES’s employees including sub-contactors’ employees working at a PRO RIDE site or vehicle. PRO RIDE will not condone the following behavior by any worker.

  • Use or consumption of any form of alcohol or any prohibited substance while at work at any time.
  • Sale, purchase, transfer, offering, use or possession of alcohol on company property (this includes vehicles) or at a site where PRO RIDE is engaged.
  • A worker will not arrive or be at work while under the influence of alcohol or prohibited substances.

These employees will be made to understand that PRO RIDE management cannot allow them to continue working until they seek attention and treatment to eliminate their dependence or practice of substance abuse. The worker will be suspended from working until his/her treatment is completed and his/her reliance to the substance(s) is over.

PRO RIDE management will assist in setting up such treatment necessary for any employee.

All supervisors/foremen will be instructed to recognize the problems of substance abuse and the seriousness of its effects on the safety of the worker and his/her co-workers.

Every employee at PRO RIDE is required to acknowledge receiving, reading and understanding this policy at employment induction.




John T. “Chipper” Adams

Executive Director /CEO, PRO RIDE Limited

September 2010

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