About Us

Since our incorporation as PRO RIDE LTD in late 2006, we have always seen ourselves as more than just a vehicle hire company – because Uganda didn’t (and still does not) simply need ‘another’ vehicle hire company.

We believe (and still do believe) that what we needed to do was to provide a vehicle hire company that was (is) able to provide a quality service that involved;

I.            Having well trained, safety conscious intelligent, well paid,highly motivated and honest English speaking drivers and supporting mechanic/workshop, fleet management and administrative staff.

II.            Providing comfortable, four wheel drive vehicles that are not only well maintained and service checked before each drive but are also fitted with good safety kits, always have a spare replacement vehicle on call during the period of hire and are driven by a professional driver who understands the Ugandan driving terrain and is able to make intelligent driving decisions that save lives and save costs.

III.            Providing customized and customizable vehicles that reasonably meet our clients’ needs, safety concerns and budgets.

IV.            Keeping a close eye on vehicle, workshop and client safety and building a culture of compliance to local and international environmental and occupational health and safety principles/rules through investing in training, encouraging behavioral change and adaptation, innovating for safety, rewarding compliance and rigorously auditing compliance.

Over the years, as we have stuck to our guiding business principle of quality and standard of service we have grown to become a premier choice service provider for several companies, non-government organizations, missions agencies and embassies operating in Uganda.

As we come to the end of 2012and move forward into the next five years, PRO RIDE LTD is seeking to make sure that we attain ISO standard certifications of our fleet management and environmental health and safety by mid-2013.

We have also started a continuous training program for our drivers in conjunction with Defensive Driving Systems Ltd and are now running a training program using quality program material from MARCOM.

As you read this profile and pricing guide for the 2013, I hope that you shall continue to consider PRO RIDE LTD as the choice provider for your vehicle hire needs if you are already doing business with us and if not, you would make the wise choice to choose the best vehicle hire service in Uganda – especially if you are considering hires that involve travelling or working in the remote areas of Uganda.


Yours in service

John T. “Chipper” Adams

Executive Director


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