Hire Conditions

Note: These conditions meet the requirements oil companies in operation in Uganda plus our embassy and tour clients

1.The Vehicle (general)

  •  All PRO RIDE Ltd vehicles undergo a service check before each drive (or every morning on a long term hire).
  •  They are fitted with;
  1. Fire-extinguishers
  2. Tow ropes
  3. Two spare tires
  4. Tyre tools, (each driver moves with his own tool kit).
  5. A first Aid kit
  6. Driver and passenger safety belts
  7. Cargo Tie down equipment.
  •  For the vehicles used in “personnel transport”, there are additional safety features like;
  • Roll cage to provide additional roll-over protection. The roll cage is custom built with  4mm thick, 48.3mm diameter seamless Smorgon steel linepipe and are coated with thick cushion material to mitigate against passenger injury upon contact with the pipe in an accident.
  •  Safety film on the glass to ensure that in the event of an accident, passengers are protected from glass shear and other glass related injuries. This film coat is the highly acclaimed, certified and tested Armorcoat safety and security film brand.
  • The safety film also significantly reduces glare (50% reduction), the solar energy flowing through the glass (45% reduction), plus 98% reduction of harmful UV Rays getting into the vehicle. Even though the tint enables great daytime privacy for the occupants of the vehicle it doesn’t distort colours thus allowing the passengers to enjoy the natural beauty of the countryside while travelling.
  • The vehicles also come standard with air conditioning and functional exhaust fans.
  •  Upon return from a hire, each vehicle undergoes a full service, cleaning and maintenance inspection before the next rental/hire run. For long-term hires, the vehicles undergo regular scheduled maintance with relief vehicles provided.
  •   We generally have a prompt (within 12 hours) standby vehicle replacement for any in-service vehicle breakdown within Uganda.

2.The Vehicle (Mechanical condition)

  • Tyres: are always maintained in good condition and inspected every month during the vehicle audit. The minimum allowable tread depth is 4mm-5mm. As already stated, each vehicle comes with two spare tyres.


  • Tyre rims: not buckled or dented.
  • Oil leaks: care is taken to ensure that there are never any leaks at the Engine, Differential or the Gearbox. Fuel pump leaks are also checked for before each drive. Once a leak is noticed the vehicle is recalled or held back at the workshop and a replacement vehicle sent. We decommission vehicles in our fleet that have persistent, repeated or unrepairable leaks.
  • Steering rods and steering racks: are always inspected, are kept tight and secure and on play is allowed in the rack or steering rods.
  •   Seats: all seats are firmly and securely bolted down to the vehicle chassis/body. All seats are fitted with regularly inspected, secure seat belts which must be worn by all vehicle occupants when the vehicle is moving regardless of distance and speed.
  • Windscreens and windows:  are always kept clean and without cracks. Cracked windows are immediately replaced.
  • Horn: checked before a drive. Always working properly and audible.
  • Wipers: always checked and we ensure that they are in good working condition. We generally replace the wipers every year regardless of whether they have been hardly used.
  •  Radiator: coolant level is checked for correctness before each drive. Vehicle is recalled and replaced once a radiator leak is noticed.
  •  Gauges: all gauges and speedometer are always in good working condition.
  •  Emergency door/window: all the buses and minivans have a working and clearly marked emergency door/ window.
  • Fire-extinguishers:  standard feature on all vehicles. We have them tested and recertified regularly by Fire Masters Ltd.
  • Lights: all lights are checked before and after each drive and are kept in good working condition.
  • Brakes: an assessment of the brake pads, drums and entire system is a standard inspection requirement before and after each hire period. In the event that this period of more than a month then an audit is carried out each month on location.
  • Monitors/ tracking: the vehicles are fitted with driving monitors with GSM notification to ensure that they are not over speeding, plus to enable us track location and distress calls.



3. Drivers

  • All our divers always have valid driving licenses for the class of vehicle that they are driving. They in addition are all defensive driving trained and certified.
  • They all have a good command of English.
  • They all have a regular health check which involves an eye-sight exam.
  • They are all trained in basic vehicle mechanics and driving safety.
  • Are required to carry out a pre and post-trip vehicle inspection including a mileage check and keep a vehicle log
  • Not allowed to take alcohol while on duty and are required not to consume alcohol 48hours prior to driving.
  • They are all strictly prohibited from using any banned or prescription substance abuse drugs.
  • Must notify the fleet manager of any ill health condition or prescribed medication before driving.

4. Insurance

I.            Our vehicles are comprehensively insured by LION Assurance Company Ltd.  Our annual liability coverage is USD 5,000,000 (five million US dollars). USD 5,000,000 personal and USD 5,000,000 cargo (USD 10,000,000).


This comprehensive insurance package includes;

a)     Third party liability protection to the motorist, vehicle owner, passengers and pedestrians.

b)    Damage/partial loss to own and other vehicle involved in accident.

c)     Medical protection.

d)    Theft/total loss

II.            We also have a workman’s compensation insurance cover for all our drivers, workshop staff and general management that meet the workman’s compensation act (2000) of Uganda (covers medical, funeral, death and disability).

5. Pricing

I.            All prices quoted are in US dollars and are exclusive of VAT and fuel.

II.            They cover the cost of hire of the driver less overnight expenses which shall be charged at a minimum of US dollars 30 per night (and can go up to reflect the cost of overnight accommodation for driver and vehicle at the hire/rental location of overnight stay).

III.            Hire involving the predetermination of fuel costs and overnight stay can be determined and invoiced at client request although these are generally invoiced as reimbursable costs plus a 10 to 20% administrative charge when determined as necessary.

IV.            The hire period/rate generally is a day hire rate but in some instances is a trip hire rate.

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