John T. “Chipper” Adams, the Executive Director of PRO RIDE Limited is a qualified Aircraft Technician (Airframe, Power Plant ), a former rally ace on the East African scene during the 1990’s and early 2000’s and widely experienced motorsport race and motor vehicle technical engineer.

He and his wife Rose Adams, form the core management Tag team that has guided the vision and development of PRO RIDE Limited into one of the premier choice 4X4 vehicle sales and rental vendor in Uganda.

The management team also includes;

Mr. Jimmy Zziwa Musoke

A great easy going personality and good accountant, Mr. Musoke serves as our Finance and Accounts Manager. Mr. Zziwa also performs a couple of general duties including being the current fleet control manager. He was formally an accountant with the Uganda Electricity Board (now the Uganda Electricity Distribution Company and UMEME).

Mr. Dayan Ssengendo

Is the fleet overseer (drivers and vehicle service/quality control). Dayan has extensive experience both as mechanic and workshop supervisor. He is also currently our EHS implementation and compliance point man.

Mr. Guma Richard

Richard serves as our workshop supervisor. Richard is a great, intelligent, practical and environmentally conscious mechanic. A strong and highly likeable character, Richard has a great relationship with all the workshop staff and drivers and is always one who is quick to listen, observe and analyze before acting, ready to learn and ready to teach. Richard works with a team of 8 other workshop staff.

Richard has for several years run his own private business, the “Road Safety Driving School & Garage” in Masaka, where he not only run a vehicle repair workshop but also trained other mechanics and drivers (especially truck drivers).  He has always had a strong desire to have drivers learn not only how to move a vehicle but also to understand how it operates, how to maintain it and how to drive it safely.

Mr. Christopher Nsereko

Christopher is the head of the driving staff. He is most probably the most able, honest and intelligent driver in Uganda. Christopher is a great leader, teacher and “father” to our drivers. Christopher, greatly assisted by his co-driver Issa Luzige command a team of about 17 drivers (growing).


PRO RIDE Limited also has on retainer;


  1. A medical practitioner to oversee its staff clinic. This relationship along with the service provider relationship that this agreement involves enables us to provide a quality medical service and medical assistance service to our staff plus is important in our provision of good quality ambulance for hire/rental.
  2. EHS specialists – Our EHS policy implementation and audit is being carried out by a reputable local partner that has carried out some contractual work with organizations like Tullow and other oil companies, embassies like the British High Commission and meets the requirements of these firms plus our other clients like the Danish Embassy and various missions agencies.
  3. Training support for our drivers that has included defensive driving training carried out by the Uganda Drivers Safety Association (USDA).

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